Hey, I hope you are well. :) I'm so glad I found your blog. I have a question, hopefully you don't mind answering. I'm at 115 lbs 5' 3" and at about 10% body fat . I am thinking of cutting, and taking part in Ashley Conrad's 21 day clutch. I saw that you did the workout plan, do you recommend it?

I really enjoyed it, but 100% don’t follow her diet macros. Make sure you take YOUR macros, and implement the foods she gives you, but fit it to your det. All in all, its an intense 21 days and I loved it!

Have had a couple off weeks but your blog is my favorite and I just spent some time on it hahaha and I was like nah Riley would tell me to stop making excuses and to not give up so thanks :D

Get up, get into the gym, REFUSE TO BE AVERAGE!

I’m glad I can motivate you, keep it going and don’t give up.

How's it going ?

Its going pretty well actually, surprisingly. How are you, anon?


Last night my friend asked me why I do this day in and day out. He’s a gym guy, he knows his way around the weights, he just wanted to know why I personally bodybuild. I honestly had to think about it. The original reason I got into it was because I was a chubby kid who wanted to lose weight. I’m not anymore so why do I still lift? Honestly at this point, it’s become an addiction. I’m in LOVE with it. If I miss more than 2 days a week, or if I miss more than 2 days in a row, I feel sick, angry, tired and I snap at people. Honestly, I could compare it to someone quitting smoking. My life without lifting would be pointless and I’m completely okay with that, because it’s honestly my one true love.