Been absolutely cravvvving a pumpkin spice latte because I’m a fucking 16 year old white girl.


I made french toast today topped with nutella, whipped cream, gelato and maple syrup… but I ate it before I could get a picture…


Okay so really quick before I go to bed, here’s a little update on my life. I’ve decided to go to school for fitness and health promotion and probably bridge into a kinesiology degree. It’s what I love so… Why not.
On another note, my macros for right now are kinda weird because I’m moving into this lean gains method so I’m at.

172g P
559g C
82g F

On lifting days.
This is how I will be until I start bulking, at which I’ll move up to 172P, 688C and 90F. BUT when I do that, I’m gonna move my eating window to 6 hours instead of 4 because that is too much food to put down in 4 hours.

As for now, got a weekend at my farm coming up and then boots and hearts. Come at me country music.

Who's your celebrity crush?

Emma Stone

Also Watson

also leonardo dicaprio.